The privacy-first Google Analytics alternative.

  • We show you the essentials: page views, referrers, top pages, and screen sizes. We enrich this data with useful info like original Tweets.

  • We don't use cookies or collect any personal data. So no cookie banners, GDPR, CCPA, or PECR to worry about.

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  • When a service is free you are the product. We won't ever sell your data. As a result, we need to charge.

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Why we do what we do

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Easy to understand dashboard

At Simple Analytics we like to keep things simple. Not in functionality but in our interface. In one overview you see exactly how your website is performing. No fuss.

Go to our live demo.

Email reports

You want to get email reports into your inbox? Select weekly or monthly email reports to get a nice and simple report.

NEW: send email reports directly to your clients.

All our emails are without tracking, we include all images as attachments.

Email reports in light mode

Tweet viewer

Do you have a lot of referrers in your analytics tools? Not with Simple Analytics, we show you the actual tweet where you got traffic from.

See our public dashboard for a live example.


Bypass ad-blockers

As we don't track people we have a feature to bypass ad-blockers. You can setup a custom subdomain linking to us. You add a DNS setting, we take care of the rest (for example the SSL certificates).

By default we do not collect any page views from visitors that have Do Not Track enabled. This is a setting where visitors can ask a website to not track them. We never track any visitor, so we made this setting optional.

See our our docs for more info.

API & export your data

Need to use your data in other tools? You can export your raw data in CSV format or get aggregates via our JSON API.

See our our docs for more info.


Dark mode

To work at night or just because it's easier for the eyes we have dark mode support. We have both dark mode and light mode.

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Dark mode

What customers say

  • Alina Sava

    Alina Sava

    Founder FontsArena

    You can't say you're for privacy and not respect your users' privacy as much as you respect your own. Simple Analytics means getting the best of both worlds: relevant traffic data while respecting your users. Bonus: you can easily create an Open Stats page.

  • Spencer Tweedy

    Spencer Tweedy


    Thank you for making such a simple, useful, ethics-focused service. It feels so good to use and I'm just really glad it exists.

  • Philippe Lehoux

    Philippe Lehoux

    CEO at Missive

    We traded a 'free', privacy-less, and complex analytic dashboard to a paid, privacy-first & simple one. We couldn't be happier.

  • Bernard Lambeau

    Bernard Lambeau

    Founder Enspirit, Klaro

    User Experience with Simple Analytics is just great. Everything is done right: account creation, payment, oneliner script, first graph with results, blog, ... and core mindset of course. #mindblowing

  • Marc Köhlbrugge

    Marc Köhlbrugge

    Founder BetaList

    Ever wonder what those referrers in Google Analytics mean? It means someone tweeted a link to your site, but it's almost impossible to find the tweet. One of the reasons I love Simple Analytics. It just shows you the tweets!

  • Rosie Sherry

    Rosie Sherry

    Community Manager Indie Hackers

    My focus has been on using ethical tools. I said bye to Google Analytics and hello to Simple Analytics. In 1-2 clicks I can get all the information I need.

  • Pieter Levels

    Pieter Levels

    Founder Nomad List, Remote OK

    In love with Simple Analytics privacy-friendly analytics. You can use your own domain like to host the tracking JS. The dashboard is super simple and it's much easier to find what I need than in the monstrosity that is Google Analytics.

  • Danielle Johnson

    Danielle Johnson

    Founder Leave Me Alone

    We just switched to Simple Analytics from Google Analytics. Huge pros: focus on privacy, no unnecessary tracking, indie founder super responsive to feedback & feature requests, browser ext to prevent own views recording. Cons: quite simple but features are being developed fast

See a live demo of our analytics

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