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Jon Yongfook

@yongfook (16,507)

@irfansfull you are welcome to take a look for yourself: https://t.co/uKPwMGOoZd

Patrice Cassard

@patricecassard (7,254)

Sympa, https://t.co/PCdVfxdFcL affiche de façon clair (entre autres) les tweets linkant le site suivi : https://t.co/gIStzwMyu6

Patrice Cassard

@patricecassard (7,252)

Sympa, https://t.co/PCdVfxdFcL affiche de façon clair (entre autres) les tweets linkant le site suivi : https://t.co/gIStzwMyu6

Sonny Lazuardi

@sonnylazuardi (2,910)

@antonybudianto https://t.co/o5YaexzEzu ?

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,153)

@eastdakota I know of https://t.co/3vmK8tdYzB (@ContextCue) and https://t.co/TbGVO74Jq2 (@codefundio). With… https://t.co/oIzFysiFlz

Dominik Ferber

@dferber90 (574)

@rstacruz Same here! I switched to https://t.co/LzF4samEES a while back, but it's paid. If you have a Next.js app,… https://t.co/9HeesAN2in


@FinanceLeo (1,343)

If you're curious about our growth on the other apps: https://t.co/jFibUztDxo https://t.co/SuO3VmroW6… https://t.co/knj3Uq5TNs

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,016)

If you miss some numbers. Just go to https://t.co/5dLCVtvwQ1. We updated all numbers for last month there.

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (903)

@bastien31 That’s why you can choose other services. To monitor how much traffic you got you can easily use a cooki… https://t.co/NfXQM4cC9l


@FinanceLeo (1,350)

https://t.co/JE0kyipcCf has gotten over 20,000 visitors in the past month! If u haven't used Hivestats to track y… https://t.co/Xmfd1InsLS

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,071)

It would be great to know why there is a difference, but it’s not too important to spend hours on this little numbe… https://t.co/qqDXtte3mi


@_pawurb (274)

Switched from GA to #indiedev #GDPR compliant https://t.co/vYjfF6qbhN couple months ago and could not have made a b… https://t.co/0a5nbIHFGj

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (64,606)

Traffic data comes directly from https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6 who have an awesome JSON api that you can get your pageviews data from

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (701)

We launched a new feature Live visits showing up in your dashboard Get your popcorn ready 🍿… https://t.co/kteSCyQKtz


@MaxBittker (1,268)

@DoonaloonaFan @sandspiel_feed yes- not sure why. also the audience has seemingly gotten younger over time also t… https://t.co/CPmOASlkrU

Oliver Benning

@OliverBenning (42)

@talmaximo https://t.co/cqjsEOqMJp

Valerii Kuznietsov

@SmartFoxDev (194)

@vas3k Не селф хостед, но вроде популярная https://t.co/f0MNEHxxCQ


@wip (522)

📊👀 Our website traffic stats are now public thanks to @harianus’ Simple Analytics: 👉 https://t.co/HaP3Ds3qSE ✨

Sunil Kumar

@sunilc_ (557)

https://t.co/Or86uCDkVZ https://t.co/zGm7qvfC0y https://t.co/JU4nulxBM5 https://t.co/8rH1eDVKuA… https://t.co/TUhfhxKoZH

Daniel Schischkin

@bytenumbers (104)

Certificate is invalid at https://t.co/lDzTCQPuYM @SimpleAnalytic

Marc Khlbrugge

@marckohlbrugge (22,335)

Ever wonder what those https://t.co/lQqcK7ejjW referrers in Google Analytics mean? It means someone tweeted a link… https://t.co/ZGqsuDFhTB


@Fykowo (464)

and i use @SimpleAnalytic for metrics ! https://t.co/msG5wHWHBN

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (376)

Steady growth of customers and page views. These are the page views of all customers together. Although these numbe… https://t.co/A8pi0BO00c

Redmon Borinz

@redmonborinez (100)

July 28th - 2020 (4 months in) 🎙Interviews on site: 31 👀Sessions: 4,039 👥Users: 3,102 📬Mailing list: 9 💰Revenue:… https://t.co/L92H4F0znr