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James Ivings

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@ObedParla @SimpleAnalytic Wow, looking good too! The analytics is @SimpleAnalytic by @AdriaanvRossum. The best… https://t.co/XHHdd3cwbp

Starving Engineer

@edw_tweet (28)

@garybernhardt And it is stupid, because the problem it is supposed to solve is "not rocket science" and well-known… https://t.co/8N6dFWl325

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (854)

@fornerdan @JamesIvings https://t.co/KdGUmRUj2I

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,058)

It would be great to know why there is a difference, but it’s not too important to spend hours on this little numbe… https://t.co/qqDXtte3mi

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,059)

Thanks for the mention of my blog post in the https://t.co/j9GTTY6Gza @kale! https://t.co/azls1Ljrp8 https://t.co/phz3ciuNT6

Simple Analytics

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@raiderrobert Would you mind putting your stats public and adding our badge? https://t.co/JwVcvgCo22

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,032)

We might have missed some numbers in this thread. We updated our open page again with all new data for this month. … https://t.co/fkoLqcuopJ

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,052)

Hello Hacker News! https://t.co/vdIyutVGW4 https://t.co/mfbCr50BCC

Pete Codes

@petecodes (3,142)

I have 2,200 subscribers and 10k page views for last 30 days https://t.co/p8VOfjyOAQ

Rik Schennink

@rikschennink (2,472)

I switched all tracking on my sites from Google Analytics to Simple Analytics by @AdriaanvRossum ✅ Data is stored… https://t.co/ZpwTULN0kB

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,032)

Especially https://t.co/eRaMgEjrgB gave us a lot of traffic with 6.6M visitors in the last month. We also helped b… https://t.co/PjysTG7SAS

Joseph S.

@jailvestre (310)

Je découvre https://t.co/MKmBcX2xba qui correspond à ce que j'imaginais positionner sur mon blog. Est-ce que quelqu'un par ici connaît ?

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (64,606)

Traffic data comes directly from https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6 who have an awesome JSON api that you can get your pageviews data from


@levelsio (78,511)

I'd love if TRAFFIC PER CAPITA is a feature in analytics apps like on @cloudflare and @AdriaanvRossum's… https://t.co/UL8Nt7DQxF

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,016)

If you miss some numbers. Just go to https://t.co/5dLCVtvwQ1. We updated all numbers for last month there.


@thomastraum (1,296)

I looked into web analytics alternatives to google analytics yesterday, here are some links. Any others you might k… https://t.co/IiPh59bYYr

Marc Khlbrugge

@marckohlbrugge (22,335)

Ever wonder what those https://t.co/lQqcK7ejjW referrers in Google Analytics mean? It means someone tweeted a link… https://t.co/ZGqsuDFhTB


@hanspagel (1,848)

@VPilipchatin Thanks! 🙌 That’s the plan. It doesn’t work that well though: https://t.co/q4ySPYEcZC

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (63,166)

@matshg @ikirigin @urbit @keybase Yep I try to do that. Using https://t.co/GBK2ml8zdT now for ex

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,032)

We also launched our badges. We took some extra time to make the badges privacy friendly. For example we added refe… https://t.co/a2RU6gyWcd

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (249)

@rosiesherry @IndieHackers @proseful @emailoctopus Nice https://t.co/Xb4f4EOy3y ❤️


@lawnchairapp (10,073)

we have just moved our website analytics away from google analytics to @simpleanalytic as a privacy-friendly altern… https://t.co/3TyLLAa0cM


@pablof7z (6,252)

The video from @SimpleAnalytic is simply fantastic. Literally LOLed. Probably the first time I LOLed at a company'… https://t.co/zoA73ju4CK

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (785)

Here it is @nathfreder and @JustinNoelDev! Password login! All customers can now use their password managers or br… https://t.co/xWIYsCcHjE

Daniel Probst

@skepteis (5,210)

@chartgerink @lgatt0 @libscie https://t.co/rualByr9V9 "We don't use cookies or collect any personal data. So no co… https://t.co/sFNj66oW5k

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (63,938)

@MichaelJNovotny Try https://t.co/t8UQ09lXZ5!

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (784)

Didn't see the new tweets showing in your dashboard? We just rolled out a fix that will include new tweets again.… https://t.co/0YCrWubg7o

Ste Griffiths

@SteGriff (397)

@dariuszdziuk https://t.co/Vf8hqCcbE1

Hessel Dijkstra

@dijkstradev (79)

@vacom_me 👩‍💻 https://t.co/k1KJ2LFrpO 📊 https://t.co/oyPO0bDuba 🎨 https://t.co/oyxRowM0xd 📷 https://t.co/XFp2hilQ2G… https://t.co/Os0jXFKzQ2