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Jon Yongfook

@yongfook (15k)

Here's what a launch day looks like in terms of marketing site analytics. https://t.co/uKPwMGOoZd Look at all the… https://t.co/cBAfEED9Ec

Jon Yongfook

@yongfook (15k)

Alright for now I just decided to ditch google analytics in favour of https://t.co/kGe7K0yHFR so I can be 100% cookie-less

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (2.8k)

We changed the IP of our server. We also added stronger SSL encryption. Does our site load normally for you? https://t.co/KGHzoAgSO2

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (78k)

@harrydry Analytics via https://t.co/2sTchHgCn4 @SimpleAnalytic by @AdriaanvRossum

Jelmer de Boer

@jelmerdeboer (5.9k)


Silas Roswall

@SHRoswall (29)

@dhh @AdamStddrd @dhh What are your thoughts on tools such as https://t.co/hTfD3uqTBD ? In case someone doesn't wan… https://t.co/l5yPeVbpgR

Jelmer de Boer

@jelmerdeboer (5.8k)

@marckohlbrugge @jasperdeboer @levelsio @thepointsguy btw visits and page views of https://t.co/BJDP775wms are publ… https://t.co/eVIUbD50gg

Sam Maddock

@SamuelMaddock (181)

@sitnikcode @dan_abramov had the same thoughts for my own blog recently fwiw, i'm trying @SimpleAnalytic because i… https://t.co/0V08FsErpR

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (66k)

✨🥳 Finally passed 1M monthly visits on Nomad List https://t.co/YJlVaTe7Pn 2016: 500,000 visits/mo 2017: 700,000 vi… https://t.co/VA5s0GyaW0

Eliot Hill

@eliothill (607)

@1mikeowen I only know of Simple Analytics, not used and has a monthly cost https://t.co/A9DnlvITEt

Alex Daish

@alexdaish (1.8k)

@dan_kolodgee Haven't tried but seen people talking about this https://t.co/Jp9xlUTL4n

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (2.6k)

Some people asked about the churn rate. Here are some numbers to give a little more info than the… https://t.co/WVch7KYIRt

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (65k)

Traffic data comes directly from https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6 who have an awesome JSON api that you can get your pageviews data from

Samarth Jajoo

@jajoosam (1.5k)

@kunksed @kognise @thesephist @replit And some of the best mvp tools: @kognise's water.css @kbrshah's wing.css… https://t.co/AHnACh6u1F

Marc Khlbrugge

@marckohlbrugge (22k)

Ever wonder what those https://t.co/lQqcK7ejjW referrers in Google Analytics mean? It means someone tweeted a link… https://t.co/ZGqsuDFhTB


@hanspagel (1.3k)

@SimpleAnalytic @dinkydani21 One day too late for the https://t.co/l84LFa9oL1 launch. 😅 Great addition! ➡️ https://t.co/q4ySPYEcZC

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (64k)

@MichaelJNovotny Try https://t.co/t8UQ09lXZ5!

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (661)

@1mikeowen Let us know if we can be of any help! This is exactly what we offer. We also wrote some advise for you p… https://t.co/hW3wNNI7Hq

Paul Walker

@arafel2 (226)

@ubersoft I’ve looked at https://t.co/Wl20Kr5VFH for privacy focused analytics but never tried it - couldn’t justif… https://t.co/56g8vVvvur

Marcel Hagedoorn

@marcelhagedoorn (764)

@WdeB Are you gonna integrate @AdriaanvRossum ’s https://t.co/lA3r9WUoeh ? #tip


@wip (522)

📊👀 Our website traffic stats are now public thanks to @harianus’ Simple Analytics: 👉 https://t.co/HaP3Ds3qSE ✨

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (2.1k)

@daviswbaer 1. Privacy friendly analytics 2. $2000 3. https://t.co/eqMLHcrAvX https://t.co/74JyDiznWi

Danielle Johnson

@dinkydani21 (2.4k)

@deadcoder0904 Thank you! You can see our traffic here - https://t.co/d6v4zd4rLf. I miss the live visitors stats fr… https://t.co/bxyV2652qT