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Sonny Lazuardi

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@antonybudianto https://t.co/o5YaexzEzu ?

Mike Carter

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@robhawkes Something like https://t.co/sES8wfhrcR perhaps? I think Netlify has its own one too if you’re opening to hosting there.

Nico Botha

@nwbotha (96)

Stop feeding the Google analytics data monster👾 Easily replace GA on your site with any of these privacy focused al… https://t.co/UIbDf8ejbJ

Adriaan van Rossum

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If you miss some numbers. Just go to https://t.co/5dLCVtvwQ1. We updated all numbers for last month there.

Sunil Kumar

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https://t.co/Or86uCDkVZ https://t.co/zGm7qvfC0y https://t.co/JU4nulxBM5 https://t.co/8rH1eDVKuA… https://t.co/TUhfhxKoZH

Riley Walz

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@stevegraham https://t.co/7b1H0FQRWK

Danielle Johnson

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@deadcoder0904 Thank you! You can see our traffic here - https://t.co/d6v4zd4rLf. I miss the live visitors stats fr… https://t.co/bxyV2652qT

Starving Engineer

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@garybernhardt And it is stupid, because the problem it is supposed to solve is "not rocket science" and well-known… https://t.co/8N6dFWl325

Simple Analytics

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@raiderrobert Would you mind putting your stats public and adding our badge? https://t.co/JwVcvgCo22


@FinanceLeo (1,227)

@Moeknows_poetry Thanks! We’re happy to see so many people in the #hive community rally behind it and use it on a d… https://t.co/5uG8blFedo

Simple Analytics

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Steady growth of customers and page views. These are the page views of all customers together. Although these numbe… https://t.co/A8pi0BO00c


@lawnchairapp (10,073)

we have just moved our website analytics away from google analytics to @simpleanalytic as a privacy-friendly altern… https://t.co/3TyLLAa0cM

Michael Novotny

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@adamceresko @mattpupa @markbowley Yes 100%. Huge blind spot for folks. Takes a large degree of effort I think to i… https://t.co/XqYlFYpWSF


@esacrosa (10,243)

El costo es históricamente tan bajo de para emprender que hasta hay startups que publican en vivo cuanto ganan y to… https://t.co/Qs7tt5WpYF

Pete Codes

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Simple Analytics

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We launched a new feature Live visits showing up in your dashboard Get your popcorn ready 🍿… https://t.co/kteSCyQKtz

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (65,934)

✨🥳 Finally passed 1M monthly visits on Nomad List https://t.co/YJlVaTe7Pn 2016: 500,000 visits/mo 2017: 700,000 vi… https://t.co/VA5s0GyaW0

Pieter Levels

@levelsio (64,606)

Traffic data comes directly from https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6 who have an awesome JSON api that you can get your pageviews data from

James Ivings

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@kilianvalkhof @louisnicholls_ @dinkydani21 @polypane https://t.co/2KrC5BPt9p! We don't track our users so Google A… https://t.co/lg6VIgvHOZ


@thestartupjohn (115)

Are you looking for a #GoogleAnalytics alternative focused on #data #privacy? Check out: https://t.co/7pUPjqKwYO… https://t.co/uBOV5MnMRK

Simple Analytics

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@lseelenbinder @whale Let us know if you have any questions @whale. Some cool features: get tweet previews, email r… https://t.co/Qxjr9LUHSv

Oliver Benning

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@talmaximo https://t.co/cqjsEOqMJp