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✨🥳 Finally passed 1M monthly visits on Nomad List https://t.co/YJlVaTe7Pn 2016: 500,000 visits/mo 2017: 700,000 vi… https://t.co/VA5s0GyaW0

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (592)

More updates to our roadmap page! Customers can now file feature requests and they end up on the roadmap directly… https://t.co/4c1kuzNN3R

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (564)

It's time to vote! We added a feature list where you can add features to and you can vote on other features. Feel… https://t.co/NowuUIwMg7

Keith Damiani

@keithdamiani (1.6k)

@stauffermatt Simple Analytics has a <noscript> pixel GIF option; not backend tracking per se, but not JS: https://t.co/Snb2UOaVtE


@levelsio (66k)

@maxua @SimpleAnalytic Yes I use both but I hate Google Analytics incredibly overengineering cumbersome complex int… https://t.co/Mc3WxyRzhp

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (449)

@justinhj I think we might have just built that ;-) https://t.co/CLpsiEPFIV Let us know if you have any question… https://t.co/ELpD9RNVAF


@lawnchairapp (10k)

we have just moved our website analytics away from google analytics to @simpleanalytic as a privacy-friendly altern… https://t.co/3TyLLAa0cM


@krishankoenig (120)

@stauffermatt https://t.co/fE5r9oiFqf haven't tried it yet but seems simple to implement and respects the privacy of the users. 💯

Adriaan van Rossum from Simple Analytics

@AdriaanvRossum (2.6k)

Some people asked about the churn rate. Here are some numbers to give a little more info than the… https://t.co/WVch7KYIRt

Kaspar Manz

@xeophin (1.2k)

Check this out: https://t.co/5AMPde8VhY – Simple Analytics - Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics.

Evarist Chahali

@Chahali (133k)

#Tools: Simple Analytics - A basic web analytics tool that puts your privacy first: no cookies or personal data is… https://t.co/14CNj8yC0r


@erwinheiser (952)

I like the idea of this https://t.co/PjYBnqtc9A but I’d much rather have something I can install on my own servers… https://t.co/8KSE2zaEzq

Weyland Swart

@weylandswart (83)

@edmacovaz https://t.co/tYGwjqBYX6

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (376)

Steady growth of customers and page views. These are the page views of all customers together. Although these numbe… https://t.co/A8pi0BO00c

Danielle @

@dinkydani21 (2.4k)

@deadcoder0904 Thank you! You can see our traffic here - https://t.co/d6v4zd4rLf. I miss the live visitors stats fr… https://t.co/bxyV2652qT


@halfvet (59)

Simple Analytics is een privacy-vriendelijk alternatief voor Google Analytics. https://t.co/qy3iBdR2DR

Emanuele Ricci

@StErMi (673)

@oykun @uijarcom you can give a try to https://t.co/tjCxMJMai0 to handle them ;)

Marc Khlbrugge

@marckohlbrugge (22k)

Ever wonder what those https://t.co/lQqcK7ejjW referrers in Google Analytics mean? It means someone tweeted a link… https://t.co/ZGqsuDFhTB


@levelsio (65k)

Traffic data comes directly from https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6 who have an awesome JSON api that you can get your pageviews data from

Till Kottmann

@deletescape (2.2k)

@__eater__ @The6P4C the stats are actually public at https://t.co/fabIVmHs7j

Adriaan van Rossum from Simple Analytics

@AdriaanvRossum (2.1k)

@daviswbaer 1. Privacy friendly analytics 2. $2000 3. https://t.co/eqMLHcrAvX https://t.co/74JyDiznWi

Valentin Hinov

@ValCanBuild (223)

@danaeshell I've heard good things about @SimpleAnalytic https://t.co/sBs5AOekAP Built with privacy in mind

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (317)

↔ Added a new feature: navigate from day to day with one click (only visible when you select one day) 🤽🏼‍♀️ Play w… https://t.co/AMoMN5wTYU

Marc Khlbrugge

@marckohlbrugge (22k)

@ryanhefner @SimpleAnalytic Yeah there's a bunch of cool features like this. Another one are the referrer screensho… https://t.co/OnE19mmUCq

Deborah Edwards-Onoro

@redcrew (6.3k)

@clivewalker For sites on WordPress, you can try Statify https://t.co/cs7J8yrgBH or WP Statistics… https://t.co/gMgmU9Y32e