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Pieter Levels ✨

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https://t.co/2sTchHgCn4 by @AdriaanvRossum https://t.co/TwyhPRy0kR

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (259)

Somehow our domain https://t.co/CVY2pyDZ7J keeps linking to a different domain

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (282)

We launched at September 18, 2018, which is 294 days ago. On average startups hit their $20k ARR in 276 days. So th… https://t.co/m6DZ9vMNTt

Rosie Sherry

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1k views on my new blog since launching. You can see all the stats here - https://t.co/djC4RlhHyG

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (2.0k)

@ferminrp You mean this? https://t.co/0aC4ouBx7d

jj 🤖👻👨‍💻

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👏This week's #FundAMakerFriday email has been sent! 📥 Featuring: 📽️https://t.co/2Pgsfe42fl by @yongfook 📈… https://t.co/uT16ZjfCZg

Simple Analytics

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✅ Today we passed 500 tasks! We track them via @wip 🚧 All done in the last 11 months: https://t.co/aqgLFsagrv 🥳 W… https://t.co/Sz5fMGbDlB

Danielle @ 🇹🇭

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We've taken the final step in shunning the big bad tracking wolves at @LeaveMeAloneApp 🐺 and ditched Google Analyti… https://t.co/DbPKWTVZaB

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (1.9k)

@erenyagdiran @ukutaht What would you suggest? This is our current roadmap: https://t.co/oPmF2kpAnb

Holger Bartel

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@SachaGreif Try https://t.co/KNZB4bWF9U no cookies as far as I know.

Marcel Hagedoorn

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@WdeB Are you gonna integrate @AdriaanvRossum ’s https://t.co/lA3r9WUoeh ? #tip

Matias Klemola

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@SimpleAnalytic Should it link to https://t.co/LlZ5FlEMV2? It does for me. On both ISP and Cloudflare DNS 🤔

Sander Visser @ 🇭🇺

@fishsander (363)

@4lpine Not free but nice: https://t.co/VbyW695XHl from @AdriaanvRossum

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (2.0k)

@JohanLejdung Thanks! https://t.co/eqMLHcrAvX

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (248)

See it live: https://t.co/IuUF67B5JK

Pieter Levels ✨

@levelsio (61k)

Integrated @AdriaanvRossum's https://t.co/t8UQ09lXZ5 API now into Nomad List which means you can sort by pageviews… https://t.co/DdnoI2FLbE

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (249)

@rosiesherry @IndieHackers @proseful @emailoctopus Nice https://t.co/Xb4f4EOy3y ❤️


@PatrickHeneise (1.2k)

@ShaneHudson I’m going with @SimpleAnalytic, seems great. https://t.co/L5Kt5zqrpq

Adriaan van Rossum

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@erenyagdiran @ukutaht We have plans for spike detection: https://t.co/IHZ3hDIvFJ

Simple Analytics

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@MaxenceCornet @AdriaanvRossum Thanks for letting us know Maxence! We are trying to reproduce the problem but can't… https://t.co/xKfxLWdwSe


@threader_app (10k)

Today we are also saying goodbye to Google Analytics. Now we are paying for a privacy-friendly service to measure o… https://t.co/z67ynth5Bl

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (257)

↕ Not everybody knows the mini websites are scrollable ❤️ Now it's clear! Happy Tuesday everybody 👉… https://t.co/6tWU4VdrMT

Hugo Di Francesco

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@thepatwalls @Booligoosh @rrhoover @BuyMeACoffeeHQ ✅MakerWidget ✅Simple Analytics https://t.co/UAogSK2DXP thanks… https://t.co/kwpZPAeBtX

Pieter Levels ✨

@levelsio (63k)

@matshg @ikirigin @urbit @keybase Yep I try to do that. Using https://t.co/GBK2ml8zdT now for ex

Pieter Levels ✨

@levelsio (63k)

@MaxJoles Only https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6, but it's $9/mo, maybe outside realm of personal sites indeed. You could try AWStats, which is free

Satvik Pendem 🎉

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@andrewchen https://t.co/zxrzE4VLdB is one I've seen recently, along with https://t.co/S188tyz4VQ