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@levelsio (88,450)

And the traffic from the above tweet: 🤓https://t.co/4ZpgenUuAW https://t.co/ouDoNapnMu

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (919)

We asked our customers what other analytics tools they use/used. The vast majority is using Google Analytics. They… https://t.co/FqCCzbe8tc

Xoel from NoiceJobs.com

@xoelipedes (1,870)

2,000! https://t.co/ckzsdZrli3 https://t.co/EM634zvL7Z

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (917)

Did you see those https://t.co/HECu4STZUE links in Google Analytics? Here is how to find the tweet corresponding to… https://t.co/Ob4rIZDDYb


@hanspagel (1,985)

Wow, tiptap has 65K page views/month. 🤯 I already knew it’s popular, but that’s crazy. Can’t wait to share what w… https://t.co/rCZ3dvkK38

Lachlan Miller

@Lachlan19900 (301)

I have no tracking on my site: https://t.co/pafxYXgPpa. I would like to learn some info about my users, though. Wha… https://t.co/yma58jz0aQ

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,161)

@ziyadbasheer Thanks Ziyad! That's what I'm building now. I will start with just one bucket and do customer segment… https://t.co/lWtKrUcDWi

Anton Bacaj

@abacaj (81)

@levelsio @fmueller_bln Seems to be a similar trend with 'privacy focused' web analytics apps below are a few:… https://t.co/tuDen5pA6B


@FinanceLeo (1,795)

I would like to take a minute to appreciate how much traffic @coingecko brings. In just a few hours, it's already… https://t.co/1HwVjWFrzw

Indie Hackers

@IndieHackers (46,046)

Alternatives to Google Analytics: • GoAccess https://t.co/tNBiXTgGTt • Splitbee https://t.co/gjbcK5Fn2o • Statcoun… https://t.co/STqdCGe7aY

Jon Yongfook

@yongfook (17,099)

@alexd If you want to view visitor data as opposed to pageviews, all here: https://t.co/uKPwMGOoZd


@NathanaelKhodl (519)

@xoelipedes 4. It's not a lot, but still counts: https://t.co/mJ1mu1dOk3


@AriaKourada (234)

Another ATH in unique visitors for @leofinance yesterday ! More traffic - > more ad revenue -> more token burns ->… https://t.co/qeid3e3VfP

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (3,153)

@eastdakota I know of https://t.co/3vmK8tdYzB (@ContextCue) and https://t.co/TbGVO74Jq2 (@codefundio). With… https://t.co/oIzFysiFlz

Danielle Johnson

@dinkydani21 (2,389)

@deadcoder0904 Thank you! You can see our traffic here - https://t.co/d6v4zd4rLf. I miss the live visitors stats fr… https://t.co/bxyV2652qT

Patrice Cassard

@patricecassard (7,252)

Sympa, https://t.co/PCdVfxdFcL affiche de façon clair (entre autres) les tweets linkant le site suivi : https://t.co/gIStzwMyu6


@hanspagel (1,973)

@localheinz @usefathom @PlausibleHQ Happy @SimpleAnalytic user here https://t.co/k3zlLjCQFQ… https://t.co/KoMPSFO68U

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (918)

We added a fresh navigation when you are logged in. It's easier to navigate to other websites from your dashboard.… https://t.co/BGOfD4Jqu4

Leave Me Alone

@LeaveMeAloneApp (817)

Did you know that our traffic and analytics are totally public?! Thanks to the awesome privacy-friendly… https://t.co/ydHrTZ4Zbp

Riley Walz

@rtwlz (1,016)

@stevegraham https://t.co/7b1H0FQRWK

Amrit Nagi

@amritnagi (189)

Wow! 100k page views in the last month for https://t.co/cnKg83lvNh! Nice little achievement, especially as I've n… https://t.co/TMtYzavGvc


@hanspagel (1,972)

@localheinz @usefathom @PlausibleHQ Happy @SimpleAnalytic user here https://t.co/k3zlLjCQFQ… https://t.co/KoMPSFO68U