Black Friday (but different)

Here is to the Black Friday madness... The ones that don't wait in lines for hours on end, the ones that care about long term versus short time... The ones that care about loyalty, about sustainability.

If you like the product, you buy the product

If you find a product useful, it's likely you buy that product, because it solves a problem you have. However, when there is a Black Friday deal, you might buy the product on impulse. While there is even a good chance that this product is not the best fit for you. Yet, here’s where it gets even crazier...

Especially with products that have subscriptions it feels weird to give all kinds of discounts and presents to new customers while the company earns the most from their existing customer base. We all know the example of phone companies that give a big discount on their plans for new customers, but when you renew you don't get a special deal. Have you ever had such an experience? Well...

We don't run our business like that

We value our current customers a lot and don't want to give them the feeling they miss out on some special deal. That's why we decided to do Black Friday a bit differently.

When you buy any Simple Analytics plan on Black Friday, we will give $50 to one of our current customers who shared this page online.*

* When the new customer becomes a paying customer after the free trial

I want long term value

Do you also care about the long term? Do you want a product that cares about you when you are a customer and not just when you're a lead? Choose Simple Analytics.

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And if you are already one of our loyal customers...

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